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?ѦW?GHow to Plan and Execute Strategy: 24 Steps to Implement Any Corporate Strategy Successfully (The McGraw-Hill Professional Education Series)24?B?????@?@
?@?̡G Wallace Stettinius?A D. Robley Wood?A Jacqueline L. Doyle?A John L. Colley     ?X?????G?С?
???e????: How to Plan and Execute Strategy walks professionals through 24 essential steps for creating and executing sound?Aprofit-driven corporate strategy?Aunderstanding strategic options?Aimplementing plans ......

?w???G US$14.67
?@?̡G Thomas Sowell ??     ?X?????G?С?
???e????: Preface
1. The Economies of the Housing Boom
2. The Politics of the Housing Boom
3. The Housing Bust
4. Housing Mystiques and Housing Mistakes
5. The Past and the Future

?w???G US$43.29
?ѦW?Gū?????̥ʮ? Foreclosure Investing For Dummies?@?@
?@?̡G Ralph R. Roberts ??     ?X?????G?С?
???e????: Ralph R. Roberts is a seasoned real estate professional and foreclosure expert who buys, rehabs, and resells homes.......

?w???G US$51.89
?ѦW?G?}??M?g??ӰȦb?u Starting and Running an Online Business For Dummies?H?@?@
?@?̡G Dan Matthews?AGreg Holen ??     ?X?????G?С?
???e????: Dan Matthews is Group Online Editor of Caspian Publishing, which produces magazines, Web sites, and events for an audience of UK entrepreneurs. Primarily working on reaibusiness.co.uk, Dan writes abou......

?w???G US$63.92
?ѦW?G?ӷ~?馩?Բ???k?P??I Discount Business Strategy?@?@
?@?̡G Michael Moesgaard Andersen ??     ?X?????G?С?
???e????: What people are saying about Discount Business Strategy: "Michael Andersen and Flemming Poulfelt provide a provocative discussion of the rapidly growing role of discounters across numerous industries:......

?w???G US$132.58
?ѦW?G???ɧA?????~?I?G?T?w?B?إߩ??X?i???c?C?B?J Up Your Business!?@?@
?@?̡G Dave Anderson ??     ?X?????G?С?
???e????: Praise for the first edition of Up Your Business!
"Dave Anderson has hit another home run! Up Your Business! is an invaluable, highly readable guide that should be on the desk?Vand in the mind?V......

?w???G US$59.22
?ѦW?G?}??S?v?D?x????n The Unofficial Guide to Opening a Franchise?@?@
?@?̡G Jason R. Rich ??     ?X?????G?С?
???e????: The inside scoop... for when you want more than the official line!
So you dream of escaping the 9-to-5 rat race, starting your own business, and becoming your own boss, but you don't have a clue......

?w???G US$44.79
?ѦW?G?Ȭw????ɸg?? Leadership Experiences in Asia?@?@
?@?̡G Steven J. DeKrey ??     ?X?????G?С?
???e????: This is truly a unique book on leadership in Asia: lessons from experiences and voices from the field. It offers valuable experiencebased lessons and insights for global leaders who aspire to make a d......

?w???G US$59.22
?ѦW?G??s?ǮաG???|?J?L?C?s?t????`???\ Beer School?@?@
?@?̡G Steve Hindy?ATom Potter?AMichael R. Bloomberg ??     ?X?????G?С?
???e????: Foreword.
Preface Steve and Tom Introduce the Brooklyn Brewery.
Chapter 1. Steve Tells How Choosing a Partner Is Like a Second Marriage.
Lesson One: Even a Dog Can Sh......

?w???G US$40.09
?ѦW?G??ɤO Facilitating to Lead!: Leadership Strategies for a Networked World?@?@
?@?̡G Ingrid Bens ??     ?X?????G?С?
???e????: Of all the skill sets that support the shift from a traditional management role to a more collaborative approach, none is more relevant than that of the role of the facilitator. The beliefs, behaviors......

?w???G US$82.79
?ѦW?G?b?u?оDZÿ??G?p????A???Ĥ@???dzN?u?@?B?إߥi?H?ʨñè줻????~?? Make Money?@?@
?@?̡G Danielle Babb ??     ?X?????G?С?
???e????: Did you know you could teach from home and earn a six-figure salary? Thousands of people make a great living teaching online courses from home, and the more classes they teach the more they earn! If y......

?w???G US$59.22
?ѦW?G60????ɡG?@????????????????ɧޥ? The 60 Second Leader?@?@
?@?̡G Phil Dourado ??     ?X?????G?С?
???e????: Why do you need this book? There are too many leadership books, too many leadership theories, too many leadership courses, and no time to filter out the good from the bad from the just plain boring. W......

?w???G US$25.93
?ѦW?G?C?~CEO?q?? ?????? My Start-Up Life?@?@
?@?̡G Ben Casnocha ??     ?X?????G?С?
???e????: Ben Casnocha discovered he was entrepreneur at age 12 and hasn't slowed down since. In this remarkably instructive book, Ben dissects the entrepreneurship "gene," explaining that everyone has inherite......

?w???G US$59.22
?ѦW?G???Ʒ|??o???\??7?ӭn?? The Imperfect Board Member?@?@
?@?̡G Jim Brown ??     ?X?????G?С?
???e????: Praise for The Imperfect Board Member
"Finally! A book about boards that isn't boring!"--Patrick Lencioni, author, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team
"Everyone wins with good governance--coun......

?w???G US$54.22
?ѦW?GGoogle ???ʤO?G?b?u?u?㪺?Ͳ??O Google Powered?@?@
?@?̡G Jerri L. Ledford ??     ?X?????G?С?
???e????: Everything you need to know to get started using Google??s free productivity tools is right in these pages. With a section devoted to each application, finding and using the information is easy. You?......

?w???G US$70.99
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